Residential beehive rental

Want a beehive for your garden? Want fresh raw honey delivered to your door? 

Rent one of our beehives for your home or garden and watch as your hive flourishes with pollinator activity. Having a beehive in your garden can drastically improve the plant life and local ecosystem! 

We will manage all aspects of your honey bee colony and the bees will be positioned a safe distance away. 

At the end of the season in November, you will receive the honey from your bee hive with your personlised labels.   

We will also give you a rhubarb plant as part of our hive package which helps control varroa infestations in a natural chemical-free way (plus you get fresh rhubarb from it!). Click here to find out more. 

Why does your garden need pollination? 

Apart from the obvious of having a blooming lovely garden to look at, the future doesn’t look great for our pollinators. There is an alarming decline in pollinator populations. Pollinators like bees are vital to creating and maintaining the habitats and ecosystems that many animals rely on for food and shelter. However, due to climate change, they’re being slowly weakened and losing their natural habitats, and their numbers are decreasing like never before. One hive can accommodate a colony of 50,000 bees. One bee will travel up to 3 miles on average to forage, While doing so, they fertilise these plants and help to preserve biodiversity.


Our pricing depends on the amount of honey you want and how many hives you decide upon. All your honey will have your own personal labels on to keep for your self/sell or to give away as Christmas or Birthday gifts.

Our Residential Hive slots are currently full and we are not taking any more clients on at the moment. However, if you'd like to join our waiting list, use our contact form to inquire further.