Rhubarb Plants

Bees often suffer from varroa infestations, a type of mite which debilitates honeybees causing a loss of honey production. Rhubarb is an effective method of controlling varroa as it has a low dose of oxalic acid which can be used against the mites. As oxalic acid fumes evaporate into the nest, this helps kill the mites and protect the bees during their most vulnerable months. Rhubarb plants are a good alternative to using chemicals to treat mite infestations as chemicals and pesticides can be harmful to surrounding wildlife.

At Bee Conservation, we plant rhubarb seeds near our hives and do not use any harmful chemicals or pesticides near our bees. If your company rent a hive with us, you will receive a rhubarb plant to place near the hive. You can use the rhubarb storks to cook with or make jam and we will use the leaves of the plant to treat the bees!

Renting one of our hives for your office space is a good way to support local bee farmers and natural conservation as well as improving local biodiversity. We will be planting our rhubarb soon as the soil is warming up so this is your chance to join our project and help improve the environment!