Why are bees dying? Due to the effects of pollution & climate change on extreme weather and on plants and insects, bees are dying out. To read more detailed information about this, visit our climate change page here.

Why do we need to help bees? Bees pollinate the flowers, plants and crops that support other species (including humans). Without bees, our economy and the future wellbeing of our children and grandchildren is at risk. 

If my business rents a hive, will the bees sting? Not unless provoked. Studies show bees really only do sting as a last resort when they are feeling threatened or under attack (normally by someone swatting at them). If needed, we can screen the hive off which ensures the bees take off and land vertically and away from any persons, so even the chance of someone swatting at them is and making them feel threatened is greatly reduced. 

How much space do the bees need? Around 5ft of space around the hive

Can I have the British Black Honeybee? Yes, we can provide this. 

How many bees will you install? Around 30,000 to start, then the hive will grow to around 50,000

Are there any additional costs for the bees during the year? No, our prices cover full management of the bees and their food. 

Do your bees compete with other natural pollinators? No, we ensure there is enough for everyone and we ensure that by planting extra food for our bees. We also plant two trees for every hive we install!

What environmental certificates will this help me with? Many, specifically the ISO 14001 and BSI 8683:2021. We can offer help with the applications for these.