Environmental Monitoring

Bee Conservation offers environmental monitoring tests which can help your business act more sustainably. 

Why use environmental monitoring? Environmental monitoring can help inform your business on the quality of the biodiversity in the surrounding area and identify areas for improvement. This will make sure you are meeting your sustainability targets in a quantifiable way. 

How can the results be used? The environmental monitoring test results can be quantified in a graph format to show the levels of pollution and biodiversity in the area and can then inform sustainable policies and decisions made around your company. These tests may help your company make sustainable strategies and improve your environmental governance.  

What benefits can environmental monitoring have on my business? Environmental monitoring can help mitigate pollutants in your office space and the surrounding area, improve workplace wellness, and show your partners and customers that your business is committed to sustainability.

How do we do environmental monitoring? We offer environmental monitoring services through both biome analysis tests and pollen analysis tests. Click here to find out more about the biome and pollen analysis tests we offer.