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Biome analysis


Safety Air Quality,  Bee Conservations partners collaborated with The Core Genetics department of the Natural History Museum and the University of East London School of Biosciences, this allows Safe air quality unique ability in sampling and meta-genomic analysis of the entire air biome, Bee Conservation offers beehive biome testing,  this allows us to determine why a beehive thrives or collapses and how we can address the area of environment for improvement.   

We can now identify fungi, yeasts, bacteria and viruses to DNA level, what airborne presence there is of those particularly dangerous antibiotic resistant strains and, importantly, what can be done to reduce the associated risks.

Are packages are the most advanced of environmental testing – the sampling and metagenomic analysis is complex and time consuming but the results are definitive. This area of bioscience is absolutely brand new.

We are so certain that this provision cannot be matched by any other testing company in the UK that we will provide a full free survey and a thousand pound prize for sight of any report or investigation that can demonstrate  environmental health analysis to this degree.

The project is headed by Dr Hermine Mkrtchyan, whose pioneering research at the University of East London into reservoirs of resistant bacteria in public areas amongst other specialist taxonomic and metagenomic academic research in public areas the extend  research to private environments such as homes and offices that were previously inaccessible to the researchers or indeed as a resource for public health policy and the ambitions outlined in the UKs five year national action plan in Tackling antimicrobial resistance 2019-2024.

Dr Raju Misra, Head of Molecular Biology at the Natural History Museum, has unparalleled ability in this area of health science, with published research ranging from The Neonatal Microbiota, Biofilm formation and The Parallel Evolution in Streptococcus pneumoniae to Dissecting the Heterogeneity within Propionibacterium acnes.


Bee Conservation beehive biome testing in turn allows us to determine why a beehive thrives or collapses and how we can address the area of environment for improvement.  
Monitoring identify trends in the status of biodiversity and ecosystems and the aggravation of threats, pressures and their root causes.

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