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Pollination Service

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  • The grower places an order with Bee Conservation. 
  • The contract is agreed between Bee Conservation and the grower.
  • Delivery, placement, management and removal of the honey bee colonies is undertaken by the Bee Conservation.
  • Guaranteed Strength of Honey Bee Stocks



  • We Bee Conservation hereby undertake to supply stock of bees to the strength advised by DEFRA, namely not less then five British Standard frames of bees and brood.


  • The fee for colonies is as per current price list. Prices are for a period of up to four weeks.


  • The hirer undertakes not to spray any crop on which bees are sited with any chemical harmful to bees and in particular not to use Carbaryl either as an insecticide or as thinners whilst the bees are on site and will give 48 hour notice for removal of bees before carrying out any spraying which is toxic to bees.


  • The hirer undertakes to insure the hives and bees (as farm equipment) against damage and theft whilst on his property.


  • Colonies of bees must not be moved by the hirer without the express permission of the beekeeper


  • The hirer undertakes to provide to the Bee Farmer and his vehicles reasonable access to the site where the colonies are to be located. Bee Farmers cannot be expected to carry hives any distance.


  • Bee Farmers do not expect or require the use of farm labor, but if farm labor is in connection with the placing of the hives, this will be a matter between the hirer and the Bee Farmer and does not in any way affect the service its contract with the Hirer or the priced charged for the bees by Bee Conservation


  • Settlement of account must be make to Bee Conservation against the invoice, Terms of settlement 30 days from the date of the invoice