Residential Hive Winter Visit

In early January, our CEO and head beekeeper, Thalia, visited our clients' residential hives in six locations to prepare the bees for the winter. 

She started by removing the empty supers and making sure the space in the hive was adequate. She then did a visual check on the bees and made sure that they were alive.

We leave most of the honey that our bees produce with them so they can feed on the nutrients they need over the winter and try to minimise the amount of sugar they have. This ensures that the honey they produce is as pure as possible and that they remain healthy over the winter.

In the winter, we give the bees fondant, which a hard sugary substance that they extract water from themselves. Over the winter months, the biggest threat to bees can be condensation which encourages the growth of fungi. We ensure that our hives are have proper circulation to avoid damp through an open mesh floor system. Once all of this has been done, the bees are ready for the winter months. Sleep tight little bees!