Our Spring Visit To Thomas Miller's Hives

Yesterday, we visited Thomas Miller's beehives to check on how our bees are doing as we enter spring.

Our Head of Sales, Scott Morton was lucky enough to accompany Thalia to this hive yesterday. On the visit, Scott said "it was amazing to see the bees busy doing their work and we really appreciate the support from all our partners that allow us and the Bee's to make a direct, tangible, positive impact on biodiversity and the environment."

Thank you to Thomas Miller for choosing to partner with us and make a difference!

At Bee Conservation, we offer bespoke hives wrapped with your company's logo plus the full installation of the hive in your office. We deliver honey fresh to your office and our services are 100% tax deductible. Our services are perfect for companies wanting to show their commitments to corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and environmental stewardship.