At Bee Conservation we are committed to a long-term regeneration sustainable approach to increasing the Honey Bee population and pollination we recognize that we can enhance the quality of our Planets environment thorough our services.

 Businesses need to demonstrate their commitment to reducing negative environmental and social impacts.

  •  Do you sell a particular product? Doesn't your product contain an ingredient or raw material that has been affected by pollinating?
  • Are you in the business of providing a service? Does it not rely on the environment?
  • If not, one or several of your shareholders/associats are bound to…!
  • Are you a company or public entity?
  • Does your social responsibility policy include the preservation of Environment or biodiversity?
  • Are you developing a project that is likely to have an impact on the environment?
  • Does your environmental policy include - Operating your business to reduce the impact on environment and resources? enhancing the ecological value of Land? 
  • Do you want to do something for the environment?
  • Are you mindful of your environment and that of your neighbours?

Sponsorship We offer a whole range of services to companies to suit your requirements who want to do their bit for the environment and wish to raise awareness amongst their shareholders.

  Designing an environmental project is a complex matter as it will invariably impact on the ecosystems. Planting, for instance, is not all that simple! You need to choose plants that are suited to the environment, the species present, nutrient deficiencies….

We can help and advise you with/on the most appropriate measures to enhance pollinator-specific without losing sight of the other species.

We make sure that any projects we design are not only good for the environment but also generate returns for our partners, more specifically at an economic level.