Our Staff

Thalia White is the founder and CEO of Bee Conservation, bringing her record of innovation and success in the high-value business world to the environmental sector.

So far, Thalia’s career has taken in negotiating multi-million dollar deals in the gas sector, running European sales for business information specialists Russell Publishing, and leading sales and marketing as a director at the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. While excelling in the corporate world, Thalia was also living life to the full, mastering everything from marathon running to driving HGVs.

The British countryside has always been a constant in Thalia’s life. Residing mainly in Kent, her rural lifestyle has given her an appreciation of nature. Her life-long love of horses has seen her compete in point to point racing and maintain a considerable personal stable of rides. So it was a natural step, in 2012, for Thalia to team her commercial skills with her equine expertise to found Nag’s Products, a business built around four horse toys she designed and patented. Click here to find out more. 

The birth of her son, Rory, in 2011 sparked a change of perspective for Thalia that was to be the inspiration for Bee Conservation.

As a youngster in Surrey Thalia had been fascinated by the bees buzzing away in the garden next door. She got involved and promised herself that one day she would have her own hives. True to form, Thalia fulfilled her dream. Starting with a single hive she learned the fascinating art of bee keeping. She now farms bees for Bee Conservation and embodies her love for the environment into her work.

Frances Henderson is our social media and digital marketing assistant. She ensures that our content is up to date and that our exciting updates can be shared with our partners. Frances is a passionate environmentalist and has always loved nature since childhood. As her awareness about the severity of climate change has increased, she has spent years working in environmental campaigning and taking part in climate activist groups. 

Frances aims to embody her passion for the environment in her work and raise awareness about the climate crisis in the news we share as a company. She is also excited to learn more about beekeeping and hopes to have some hives of her own one day! 

Scott Morton is our Head of Sales. Scott has worked in sales for over 20 years, enjoying close relationships with both the private and public sector.  Starting from
the ground up at Euromoney Plc, when he took over the sales team the revenue doubled, and increasing revenues and adding new revenue streams has been a constant in every role since.  From Euromoney to Dods Parliamentary communications, working with closely with cabinet secretary and heads of government departments in helping launch the highly successful Civil Service Live events.

From there to Brazil, where a few years working remotely for Euromoney allowed him to live his dream with new family on the isle of Florinaipolis, buying some land close to the beach and building a family home with his brother in law.  After a few years of housebuilding and beach life the UK beckoned and back to set up a successful freelanceing business while the family grew.  Scott then joined Newsquest as head of sales for the pensions portfolio, again working closely with both private and public sectors. 

After some more successful sales ventures, Scott finally found home at Bee Conservation last year where he is happy to use his skills to not only increase revenues and bottom lines, but also the improve the global biodiversity and really help the environment in a tangible way.  To at last work with companies and provide them with a great service while also utilising their marketing spend to actually do some real good for the environment is a real win win. Finally work makes sense, finally the work life balance is there, finally understanding the phrase work satisfaction.

Outside of work its a family focused life with three grown up step kids and 2 littler ones to all enjoy (4 and 10), still managing to live close to the beach, the sea and costal surrounds are a huge focus for us all, we enjoy kayaking in the canals, (and sea when its nice), exploring and costal walks with Cookie our dog, and all the usual fun stuff the kids lead us to!