Winter bee questions

Winter bee questions

Do bees hibernate? (No) Honeybees get cold just like we do, Lacking heaters or the ability to make fire. During the Winter time bees work together to stay warm inside the hive, keeping themselves, their queen, and their brood warm enough to survive. Gathering in a dense cluster inside of and around the edges of their hive to keep warm and eating the fruits of their labor as they go. 


What do other bees do during the winter? 


Bumble bee queens hibernate in winter.


Honey bees overwinter in their hive or nest, forming a winter cluster around the queen, with the colony itself much reduced in size. They are less active though not entirely dormant, and the cluster 'shivers' to keep warm.


Most solitary bee species will overwinter in a birth cell, either as new, fully developed adults not yet emerged from their cells, or as pupae, waiting to complete their development.


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