Why Won't Millennials Work For My Company And What Can I Do About It?

Why Won't Millennials Work For My Company And What Can I Do About It?

In a post-pandemic world, staff retention in the workplace is increasingly becoming a priority for companies looking to expand. With more hybrid working and the cost of living crisis putting pressure on individuals to make more money, making sure that your company has adapted to appeal to younger generations is crucial in its longevity. However, some companies are struggling to attract young people to their workplace and there have been some interesting studies that indicate why this may be.

By 2025, millennials (people born between 1981-1996) will make up 3/4 of the workforce, so it is especially important that businesses adapt to meet the values of this generation. Unlike their parents' generation, baby boomers, millennials are typically more committed to sustainability and social equality, with a tendency to platform issues around social justice more. For value-driven millennials, businesses must have a purpose beyond profit margins and must attempt to create positive societal change in order for them to be worthwhile. A recent study found that 70% of millennials say they would only work for a company if it had a strong environmental agenda and the same number of millennials agreed that if their company had a sustainability strategy, this would contribute to them staying in the company long-term. Their commitment to sustainability is so strong that 3/4 of millennials would even accept a lower salary if it meant working for a company that was more sustainability-focused.

So, what can your business do to adapt its strategy to become more socially responsible and align with the values of younger generations? This study shows that embodying sustainability into your company strategy is paramount in staff retention. Instead of simply including performative statements about sustainable commitments, companies must look to integrate sustainability into their business models. This may look like committing to net-zero targets, improving biodiversity net gain, or shifting towards a just transition model.

If your company is looking to have the edge on sustainability, renting one of our beehives for your office space may be a good solution for you. Our hives will ensure that your business is meeting ESG guidelines and environmental certifications and will create a fun, unique installation for your office space to improve workplace wellbeing. We also offer services that can provide tangible information as to how your hive is actively contributing to improving biodiversity in the area so you can show your staff and clients how your company is environmentally beneficial and sustainable.

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