How can your business lead the way on sustainability?

How can your business lead the way on sustainability?

 Are you looking to have the edge on biodiversity net gain? Is your business aiming to be thought leaders in sustainability? Get in contact with us. 

Maintaining biodiversity and supporting sustainability efforts is something we must all consider as businesses. As of November 2021, construction and planning firms must comply with regulations that ensure there is a biodiversity net gain in proposed areas of development. This includes measures like ensuring there is a half acre of woodland near the plot and providing habitats such as grasses so that wildlife can continue to thrive post-development. 

How can your business fit into this? As a company, you should strive to lead the way on sustainability particularly given the shift towards a green-focused business mindset in the corporate world. Businesses can work to decarbonise, cut pollution, and become more efficient with their resources. New green technologies are constantly being developed and increasingly, companies are shifting towards Just Transition models when thinking about the future of their business. As businesses, we can also use our purchasing power to invest in sustainable solutions that will contribute to achieving sustainability standards (such as BS: 8683) and our green credentials. 

Partnering with Bee Conservation and renting a hive for your office space will ensure that your business is meeting the criteria for environmental governance and will get you closer to achieving environmental certifications. Imagine the business positives of decision makers and clients associating your business with sustainability and one of our most loved yet endangered creatures. 

Bees are vital to the maintenance of our ecosystem and food chain- the survival of us (and our businesses!) depends on the survival of bees. Investing in one of our hives will tangibly improve biodiversity in the surrounding area up to three miles from the hive and will therefore, increase the longevity of your business projects. 

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