How can our company help you meet the challenges of sustainability?

How can our company help you meet the challenges of sustainability?

Climate change is coming fast. Emissions are rising alongside global temperatures and biodiversity is decreasing. We have a collective responsibility to mitigate the impacts of climate change, starting with your business. Here’s how Bee Conservation can help. 

The British Standards Institution (BSI) have published a new requirement (BS 8683) of Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) that companies must meet in order to improve biodiversity. BS 8683 involves developers working with local governments, wildlife groups, land owners, and others to support their desire for conservation at a more grassroots level. Communities and local governments are directly involved in the consultation to try and conservation is prioritised. This is YOUR business’ chance to make meaningful changes towards a better world. 

There are ten principles required for achieving BNG and all must be met in order to meet the standard. These include: 

  1. Apply the mitigation hierarchy- try to minimise and avoid impacts on biodiversity first and only impact biodiversity as a last resort after consultation with stakeholders. 
  2. Avoid losing biodiversity that cannot be offset by gains elsewhere
  3. Be inclusive and equitable towards stakeholders
  4. Address risks
  5. Make a measurable Net Gain contribution 
  6. Achieve the best outcomes for biodiversity 
  7. Be additional- exceed existing sustainability outcomes
  8. Create a Net Gain legacy by engaging stakeholders and planning for long term management
  9. Optimise sustainability
  10. Be transparent 

In short, this standard requires your business to help tangibly improve biodiversity whilst improving relationships with local stakeholders and authorities, improving your business’ reputation and credibility. 

Imagine the business positives of giving clients confidence in your sustainability processes and being able to prove that you are leading the way on environmental issues in a meaningful way, free from corporate greenwash. 

Bee Conservation can help you achieve this. Partnering with our company is a certified way to get closer to achieving BS 8683. Renting our hives will help introduce pollinators into the surrounding area and will tangibly improve biodiversity. Our hives are 100% tax deductible and can also bring other benefits to your workplace including improved wellbeing and health. 

By renting one of our hives, you will increase your brand value by demonstrating how your business is committed to delivering BS 8683 in an evidenced and credible way. All of our hives come wrapped with your business’ branding on, acting as a billboard for your commitment to sustainability and meeting the British Standards. 

Contact us on our social media or visit our contact page here to to find out how you can rent a hive today! 


Additional guidelines to meeting the BS 8683 standard can be found in their guide here 

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