How can I support bees in my garden?

How can I support bees in my garden?

It’s approaching the end of February and spring is on the horizon! As the temperatures are warming up, we can think about planting things in our gardens again. If you want to attract bees to your garden, helping improve local biodiversity and save endangered species, here are some top tips for you to make your garden or green space bee-friendly this year!

Understandably, not everyone has access to a garden, but balcony boxes for apartments, community allotments/gardens, and office green spaces are also places that can become bee-friendly. 

Plant nectar or pollen rich plants- So bees can flourish, they need pollen and nectar, which is full of natural sugars and proteins that give bees energy. Filling your garden with these types of plants will ensure your bees are healthy and happy!

Choose plants with different colours- Did you know that bees find their way to plants by sensing colour? They are particularly attracted to plants that are yellow, purple, blue, or white, so filling your garden with these will help attract bees. Choosing plants with single petals also help bees navigate the source of the pollen. 

Plant flowers that bloom all year round- Keeping plants that flower all year round ensures that bees have a constant supply of food throughout the year. This requires  more planning on our side, but if you’re someone who is thinking about your plant calendar for the year during these winter months, this tip is for you!

Don’t use pesticides or harmful chemicals- Bees are vulnerable to pesticides and some pesticides cause death or paralysis in bees and other wildlife. Do not use pesticides or chemicals in your garden- weeds and brambles are part of the natural ecology. Pick them out by hand or let them grow wild for a truly supportive ecosystem! 

Leave a patch of bare earth in your garden- This allows solitary bees to burrow into the earth and make their nests. 

Rent one of our beehives- At Bee Conservation, we offer hive rental services for both businesses and residential spaces. Renting one of our hives for your space will increase the biodiversity of the surrounding area up to three miles from the hive and will help plant and animal life around you flourish. We do not use any chemicals or pesticides near our hives and the hive will be fully managed for you, meaning you can help bees out even if you’re pushed for time. This is a great option for those of us that struggle to make time for gardening or with helping the environment. To find out more about our hive packages, visit 

Bee-friendly plants include dahlias, lavender, alliums, buddleja, honeysuckle, foxgloves, and hawthorn. If you are pushed for green space in your home, making a herb garden is an easier way of attracting bees to your balcony or outside your door.  

We will be posting more detailed tips on how to make these in future blog posts! 

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