How can bees benefit our wellbeing during times of crises?

How can bees benefit our wellbeing during times of crises?

In a post-pandemic world filled with political uncertainty and the threat of global conflict, it is more important than ever that we look after ourselves as well as the world around us. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in people becoming more physically and psychologically isolated. We were locked down in our homes, unable to go to work or see our friends and families, and were burdened with the stress of dealing with a deadly virus. In 2017, 790 million people suffered from mental illnesses worldwide and this number has risen since the start of the pandemic. Anxiety and depression are some of the biggest mental health issues affecting 20% of the British population, though many cases go undiagnosed. 

As we are returning to our workplaces either full-time or through hybrid working, it is important that we make efforts to improve our workplace wellbeing. For many, this may include connecting with nature whilst we are at work as it has proven to be beneficial to those suffering from mental illnesses. Whilst the pandemic worsened psychological wellbeing in many cases, it also increased the amount of time people spent outside. 46% of people say they are now spending more time outside post-pandemic and 42% of adults report that nature and wildlife are important to them in preserving their wellbeing. Maintaining access to green spaces in the workplace is therefore crucial in improving wellbeing for ourselves and our employees or colleagues. 

How can bees fit into this? The benefits of beekeeping on humans have been well researched for decades. Bees provide a sense of community, help improve the economy, and can help inspire and teach future generations about the importance of preserving the environment. During the pandemic, beekeeping took off on the internet with #beekeeping searched on TikTok almost 600 million times in February 2021 alone! Events sites like Eventbrite hosted over 1000 online beekeeping events including livestreams of beehives which helped improve peoples’ wellbeing during lockdown. It’s clear that beekeeping is something people are talking about more and therefore, would be the perfect addition to a workplace that wants to improve wellbeing. 

Renting a beehive for your office space or near your workplace will help create a better workplace culture, encourage mindfulness practices, and help increase biodiversity in the area. As mindfulness is a practice that involves focusing our attention on our surroundings and staying present, bees provide a perfect focus for that. At Bee Conservation, our vision is to preserve the honeybee and the planet as well as educating people in the business world on the importance of bees and beekeeping. We want to work with businesses to encourage sustainability and to help improve peoples’ relationships to nature. Your company’s hive will create a unique installation for your office space and will help with staff retention. To find out more about how we can help you and your business, visit or email 

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