How are bees helping science?

How are bees helping science?

Scientists have discovered that the properties of bee venom have the potential to massively progress modern science and medicine. Bee venom contains ingredients with pharmaceutical potential including melittin, a peptide, which can help with immune system regulation and has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. Melittin and other components of bee venom may be able to be used to treat cancer, Lyme disease, HIV, and COVID-19. However, research is still in its early stages and whilst scientists are looking at melittin-based cancer therapy, labs are struggling to get it approved as it degrades in the blood rapidly, making it difficult to target specific cells.

Propolis is a similar product that has the consistency of resin and is made from bee saliva. Bees use it to make their hives but it is also commonly used by humans to make cosmetic products like shampoo and toothpaste. Increasing research around propolis and its medicinal benefits show that it can be used to treat diabetes, kidney disease, and asthma, but as with melittin, significantly more research is needed before this treatment can be used more widely. Despite the research gone into these chemicals, we are still far from them being integrated into modern medicine.

As businesses, we can invest in bee research to help progress modern medicine and scientific progress. The hives we have are monitored closely to evaluate the integrity of biodiversity in the surrounding area. We offer biome analysis and pollen testing packages so your company can identify the presence of infectious diseases that may affect your hives and that may be airborne. Our testing project is headed by Dr Hermine Mkrtchyan from the University of East London, whose research into resistant bacteria in public areas helps inform the UK's plan in tackling antimicrobial resistance. This kind of testing helps keep the environment safe as well as your workplace. Our services are 100% Tax deductible and you will receive a branded hive with your company logo on alongside high quality honey from your bees delivered to your office! Find out more at our website about how your business can help change the future through our bee hives.

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