Hive attack

Hive attack

We often get asked by our suppliers and the public, ‘why don’t we use polyhives?’ - (beehives made from polystyrene,) - they are a more cost effective way to bee keep, our main reason, is that they are not environmentally friendly, they can create condensation in the winter, in turn, condensation will kill a colony. 

We stopped purchasing polyhives a good few years ago, regrettably we still have a few in use. 

We were called out, in between Christmas and the NY by one of our unbranded, residential clients who reported, that his hive had been invaded, this is another reason, why we don’t use poly hives anymore.  

Wooden hive’s are natural for the bees, biodegradable and resistant against Rats, Woodpeckers and other wildlife thats either curious or hungry. 

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