Great to see Defra and BSI are working together.

Great to see Defra and BSI are working together.

Here at Bee Conservation our products already fully support business gain the BS 8683:2021

The Nature Investment Standards Programme has officially been launched by the Government and BSI. Its overall task is to instigate a framework that will help funnel more investment into nature-based solutions and efforts to improve biodiversity.
The programme will lead to the creation of a new, consensus-based, UK-wide standards framework for nature. It will aim to scale up “high integrity markets”

BSI’s director-general of standards Scott Steedman said: “Enabling high integrity nature markets can help build confidence, attract investment, and empower land managers and other stakeholders to deliver projects that can achieve meaningful environmental impact. This is important at a time when these markets are emerging, to guard against greenwashing, and has the potential to offer substantial benefits to society.
“We’re delighted to be partnering with Defra, the Devolved Administrations and industry to shape a standards framework supporting high integrity nature markets by providing improved rigour, consistency and clarity. Ultimately this can help accelerate progress towards a sustainable world.”
The Green Finance Institute’s ‘Financing Nature Recovery UK’ report found that planned public spending on nature conservation and restoration in the UK for 2022-2032 is up to £97bn short of the levels needed to deliver commitments made by the UK Government and devolved governments.
The headline commitment from the Government is to leave nature in a better state for the next generation, which is not being delivered. The UK Government’s post-Brexit environmental watchdog published its first report, warning of a “worrying and persistent environmental decline” that is likely to continue in the absence of “purposeful and coherent” government action.
Back in 2019, the ‘State of Nature’ report confirmed that 41% of British species have been in decline since 1970, with the decline “continuing unabated”.

Lord Benyon, Environment and Green Finance Minister, said: “To restore landscapes and help fund the transition to nature-friendly farming, we need to mobilise investment into the natural environment and prioritise clean growth.
discussions at public forums. It received 30,000 responses, and a citizens’ assembly made up of 100 people from all four nations of the UK.

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