Fun Friday

Fun Friday


We have around 40lbs of honey every year that we can’t jar, nothing is wrong with the honey, it’s just not aesthetically pleasing - mainly the froth from spinning. What do we do with it?


Thalia, our CEO has been experimenting over the years, she’s made; face creams, wound creams and hair masks to name a few! 


This week we would like to share with you a home made honey sugar scrub. A great way to pamper yourself for pennies at home!

Honey and sugar are a winning combination, the sugar acts as an exfoliant, removing dead skin cells and dirt, the Honey is a natural humectant that will help to lock moisture in to your skin.



Sugar Honey Scrub Ingredients

Besides the sugar and honey, here are the other ingredients you will need. You can play around with the ingredients and quantities you can also add lavender seeds or Lemon if you please.


Olive oil or sweet almond oil - about a third of a cup

Sugar, brown or white - two cups

5-10 drops each (personal preference) Peppermint Essential Oil and Wild Orange Essential Oil

1 vitamin E gel cap (not essential)


Give your skin a good scrub and make sure you wash all the scrub off! or you could stay sticky! 


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