Bee Pollinating

Bee Pollinating

Lovely morning at tending to the bees that are pollinating the Rape crop at the moment.

Vexour farm has been doing some amazing work with schools in Hackney, London, many of the children who attend school there have never had the opportunity to experience the countryside. Vexour Farm is working hard to change that by offering camping trips to Hackney schools.
These camping trips are designed to give children from Hackney a chance to experience the great outdoors and learn about farming and the environment. For many of these children, it's their first time seeing animals up close or walking through a field of crops. The experience can be life-changing for some, and it's an incredible opportunity to broaden their horizons and expose them to new experiences.

Vexour Farm's camping trips are fully funded, which means that schools from Hackney can bring their students to the farm without worrying about the cost. The farm provides all the equipment needed for camping, including tents.

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