10 Things About Biodiversity Net Gain You Need To Know

10 Things About Biodiversity Net Gain You Need To Know

From 2023, the government will introduce measures to help restore wildlife and habitats alongside urban and rural development. This measure, Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) aims to leave habitats in a better condition than they were pre-development. These changes will massively affect the construction and development industry so it’s important that your company is clued up about its implications. Here’s 10 facts about BNG that you need to know: 

1.10% Gain- Developers will have to create a 10% gain on biodiversity either through onsite or offsite provision for wildlife and habitats. 
2.Calculations- These values are calculated through the government’s biodiversity metric which takes into account various factors including the diversity of habitats within a given piece of land
3.The market- The market for BNG is currently between £135-274 million and is something worth looking into as a business wanting to expand or invest in a sustainable future
4.Control- Local authorities will be funded to oversee and implement BNG requirements. As part of planning conditions, they were set specific monitoring standards to ensure that the BNG is being maintained. Plans will need to be submitted and approved by the local authorities beforehand.  
5.Locations- As the creation of a habitat is not necessarily practical for lots of locations of development, particularly within urban centres, your BNG requirements can be met through creating an offsite habitat. 
6.Maintenance- You will be legally required to maintain your offsite BNG spots for 30+ years. 
7.Transparency- Information about BNG sites will be made publicly available to encourage transparency between developers and individuals 
8.Speed of development- Work on the BNG site needs to happen within 12 months of the sale. 
9.Diversity- Companies will be encouraged to create as much of a diverse range of habitats as possible within a 1 acre plot. For example, having an area of grassland, a wildflower meadow, and some trees would allow for a greater range of biodiversity. 
10.Bee Conservation- Renting one of our hives contributes to a BNG certification for development. A beehive will increase the amount of biodiversity in the surrounding area and is a perfect addition to your habitat creation. 

For more information about how Bee Conservation can support your business plans, contact thalia@beeconservation.org.uk

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